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Laying Tracks

During the last 24 hours we got almost two feet of new snow. Since we're having a doctor's appointment this week we felt it necessary to make sure we'll be able to drive down to the gate tomorrow where we have parked our pickup

Our driveway

First step, making it down to Powers

We finally made it, but turned around and drove back up again. This is our second, and much easier, drive down

When we looked at the snow drifts on Powers we decided it would be more prudent to try to reach Schierl via the meadow in front of our cabin. You'll see the tracks a little later

We made it to Schierl where the beginning was not too bad.

When we arrived at Mitchell's we decided it was enough for the first attempt. We turned around and used our tracks to return to our cabin

Still on Schierl

Now we're on Powers showing the tracks where we came down just below our cabin. But it was too steep to climb back up. So we laid another track.

On the way back up

The first track we laid on our way down; the second on the way back up; the third is our driveway

This is the place where we turned around on our first attempt

Schierl below the Mitchell's

Schierl at Gray Place. There were lots of elk tracks

Heavy traffic on Schierl

A serious traffic jam.

All of this was not planned; just coincidence, with all parties laying tracks before the next snow storm

Liz, Kelly, Dan, and Ed are blocking our progress

Finally we disentangled the jam and are on our way home.

Schierl at the Mitchell's

This time I had enough courage to try to go on Powers. It worked, and I turned around to make the tracks even more solid. I went back as far as Schierl where I turned around again.

On the right you can see the tracks where we came down and drove back up during our first attempt

Our driveway




FWCR Glacier in 2023